9 Ways to Cook those Scrambled Eggs into a Del-egg-table Dish

Scrambled eggs are probably the easiest to cook. Whether it for breakfast or even for a quick snack, they can answer to a grumbling tummy any time.

Though quick and easy as it is, having the same scrambled eggs taste can lead to a bland eating experience. So why not spice things up and upgrade your usual scrambled eggs to something new and appetizing?

Wrap them in tortilla. Instead of meat, have scrambled eggs as an alternative. Sauté some onion and tomatoes, put in lettuce and viola! A vegetarian breakfast taco; something different and new to start the morning.  

Put them on pizza. Top pizza dough with custardy scrambled eggs, then add in crisp bacon and mozzarella cheese. This is a delicious twist to your usual breakfast menu.

Partner with potato chips. Who says upgrading means more money? Simply serve scrambled eggs with potato chips for an easy snack your kids will surely enjoy munching on.

Serve with nacho chips, salsa, and cheese. No meat for your nachos? Here’s another scrambled eggs upgrade! Serve it with nacho chips, salsa, and cheese; perfect for a snack attack during your family movie time.   

Add some sparkling wine. Maybe you’ve tried mixing milk with scrambled eggs, this time stir in some sparkling wine. It will give the eggs a terrifically light and scrumptious texture.

Top with croutons. Egg and toast is a typical staple in the morning. Top your scrambled eggs with croutons for a fresh taste of the breakfast staple.

Mix in some herbs. Besides salt and pepper, mix in some herbs like rosemary or basil for a contrasting flavor for your taste buds. 

Cook with red onion and spinach. Red onions have a bit of spice in them, while cooked spinach adds texture to a dish. Upgrade scrambled eggs with these and your breakfast will never be the same again.

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